FitDoge - the ultimate form of DOGE meme series, with the aim of promoting fitness in the community.

Our mission is to promote sport and healthy lifestyle in the crypto space.

We care about the development of athletes of different sport. We hope them can 100% devote themselves and gain glorious achievements.

From time to time, we wish to give sponsor to athletes. To encourage them to have better training and acheive their goal.

Token Features

Coummunity Driven

The project is 100% coummunity driven.

Holders of the FITDOGE can participate in our project development, decide what should come next in our next move.

Together, we can grow a bigger family and promote fitness to the crypto space.

Auto Staking

Holders of FITGOD can enjoy auto-staking, no additional move required. Just HODL in your wallet and you can see the amount of your token increase!

In summary, we hvae 10% tax split of:

  • 5% Auto-reflection
  • 3% Liquidity Pool
  • 2% Marketing and Sponsorship

Token Distribution

  • Total Supply 1 Trillions
  • Initial Burn 50%
  • Liquidity 20%
  • Staking and Farming 20%
  • Reserved for CEX 10%
  • Development 5%
  • Marketing / Sponsorship 5%

Progressive Overload

Phase 1

  • Website Launch
  • Pancakeswap listing
  • Marketing Compaigns
  • Audit Report

Phase 2

  • Gym Open for Staking and Farming
  • White Paper released
  • Listing on CoinGecko and CMC
  • Athlete Sponsor
  • Fitness Brand Collaboration

Phase 3

  • Multichain Support on AVAX, Fantom, Harmony
  • NFT Market Place
  • Listed on CEX
  • FITDOGE Fitness studio
  • And More!

How To Buy


Create MetaMask Wallet

Create a Wallet on your chrome browser or mobile device. Then add Dogechain network to your wallet.


Bridge Dogecoin to your Wallet

Purchase Dogecoin fram an exchange (eg. Binance, FTX etc.). Then Bridge it to Dogechain using the following bridge.


Buy on DogeSwap